Voter Protests to Be Heard Dec. 22

Tomorrow (Dec. 22) is the day the North Carolina State Board of Elections will review the voter protests filed following the Mount Gilead municipal elections on Nov. 8.

A dozen voters, including several members of the family of Dorseph Lilly, Jr., claim they were improperly denied the right to vote. Mayoral candidate Patty Almond also filed a protest on their behalf, and the Montgomery County Board of Elections conducted a hearing on the matter on Nov. 29.

After receiving testimony from three members of the Lilly family, from Mount Gilead Precinct Judge Joyce Fritts, Town Manager Katrina Tatum, Town Clerk Mary Lucas and Patty Almond, the county board decided to send the matter to the state board for review.

We spoke with attorney Don Wright, General Counsel to the State Board of Elections, who said the matter will be reviewed on the record as gathered at the county hearing. Individual protestors, candidates, or their attorneys will be allowed to present arguments, and then the  State Board will openly deliberate its decision. There is no new hearing, but the State Board can choose to hear additional evidence or receive public comment.

The State Board of Elections will convene tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., and the review of the Mount Gilead voter protests will be taken up as part of an agenda that includes five other items.

WMTG will be on hand to cover the proceedings, and we’ll be reporting from Raleigh tomorrow as soon as there are developments.

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