New Police Chief Hired in Candor

Candor town commissioners have hired a new police chief.

WFMY News 2 reports that Candor commissioners held a special meeting last night and hired Johnny Fulp as the new chief of police there. Fulp previously worked for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, but was not retained when Sheriff Dempsey Owens took office in December 2010. Fulp went on to start a private security business called Statewide Company Police, but he left the firm last month.

Reports indicate that three people applied for the job, but that one candidate withdrew his name from consideration, citing concerns about the salary. Fulp will make $32,000 a year, slightly less than the former chief.

In December, the Candor town commissioners fired four of the town’s five police officers without explanation. Since then, the town government has been the subject of much controversy, including commissioner Wayne Holyfield’s restriction to administrative duty in his job as a North Carolina State Trooper.

Information on the hiring of the new chief and reports on the other events in Candor can be found on WFMY News 2 and at

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