Humane Society Responds to Allegations

The Montgomery County Humane Society is speaking out against a recent story on the plight of unwanted animals in the county.

A reporter from WRAL-TV in Raleigh said that the Montgomery County Animal Shelter euthanized 98 percent of dogs and 100 percent of cats brought there last year. State animal welfare director Lee Hunter called the shelter “one of the worst” in the state.

But now, the Humane Society, which is a separate non-profit organization that often works in cooperation with the Animal Shelter, is saying that the figures are wrong because they don’t take into account the animals adopted through their program. Responding to a number of derogatory comments on its Facebook page, the Humane Society said the overall animal kill rate is not as high as reported, and and that the county’s animal control “officers do the best they can to find homes before (an) animal’s time runs out”.

The Montgomery County Humane Society operates its own shelter on Okeeweemee Rd. near Troy, and they invite those interested in helping improve animal welfare to donate or, especially, to volunteer for work at their facility. The Society can be reached at 910-572-2779.

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