Boil-Water Advisory Remains in Effect

A boil-water advisory remains in effect for customers of the Montgomery County Water System.

A break in a line Sunday at the water plant near Mount Gilead was repaired early yesterday, and line flushing was performed throughout the day on Monday. Still, County Public Utilities Director Chris Hildreth said the department would have to wait until sometime today for results from a water quality test, and that the boil-water advisory likely would not be lifted until tomorrow.

The use of bottled water is also an option for things like drinking, cooking, and brushing teeth. The department also appreciates continued voluntary conservation efforts while water reserves are replenished.

The County also issued an advisory to food service establishments and bars, giving them the option of closing during the event, or to continue operation under a list of constraints that includes not using any coffee, ice and soda machines, and boiling tap water to be used for drinking or any hand dishwashing. The regulations also say certain types of lower-temperature dishwashing equipment should be avoided, and that only bagged ice and bottled drinks should be served during the advisory.

Montgomery County Schools administrators say staff “have worked diligently to ensure (the safety of) meals served in (the system’s) cafeterias”. Students are being allowed to bring bottled water to school until the advisory is withdrawn.

Again, if a favorable result from the water quality testing is received today, the boil-water advisory will likely be lifted tomorrow. We will provide updates as they are received, and additional information is available on the county website at, or by phone at 910-439-6197.

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