Mount Gilead Commissioners Appoint Representative to Piedmont Triad Regional Council

Mount Gilead Town Commissioners have appointed a new representative to the Piedmont Triad Regional Council.

The Council is a voluntary association of local governments, both urban and rural, authorized by state law to administer a number of programs believed to be best handled at a regional level, including those related to aging, criminal justice, housing, water resources, recreation and workforce development. Any local elected official may hold the position, and Mount Gilead Mayor Earl Poplin has served as the town’s representative for several years.

At last week’s meeting of town commissioners, Mayor Patty Almond spoke from prepared notes when the matter came before the board.

Almond said, “Branson Webb has expressed a desire to fill this position and would consider it an honor if selected by the Board. The Mayor has also expressed an interest in holding this position, indicating that she has the time and the desire to fill the position. I don’t have any conflict with any work schedule to fill this position, so I will entertain a motion by the board about the appointment, and then we’ll take a vote on it, as who you would like to have as your delegate to the Piedmont Triad Regional Council.”

Commissioner Branson Webb was selected to represent the town, and Mayor Almond was named as an alternate.

Mount Gilead became part of the Piedmont Triad Regional Council in 2001, following the dissolution of the Pee Dee Council of Governments. Montgomery County sits at the southern edge of the 12-county region, which is centered around Greensboro and includes four counties along the Virginia border.

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