More Details on Tillery Chase Closing

More details have emerged surrounding the closing of Tillery Chase Adult Care Home in Mount Gilead. The facility closed Fri., Jan 25, after a short notice from owner Larry Patton and his company, Combined Group LLC.

We now know that the North Carolina Division of Health Services had recently issued a decision to revoke the home’s license based on substantiated violations of health services regulations. The Department of Health and Human Services told media that the home also had been cited for violations on four occasions in the past four years, including two “Type A” violations, defined as those which could result in death of serious physical harm. The home was fined almost $30,000, and its state rating, based on a four-star system, had fallen from three stars in 2010 to one star in 2011, then to no stars last September.

Earlier reports of bankruptcy appear to have been rooted in Patton’s personal bankruptcy filing and a default on a $2.6-million loan on a facility he operated in Greensboro. That facility also closed Jan. 25.

WMTG has been unable to reach Larry Patton, but a search of public records did show more than two dozen corporations formed by Patton since the mid-1990s, most of them related to the health care industry, and more than half of them no longer in business. 44 residents lost their homes and an estimated 30 employees lost their jobs as a result of the Tillery Chase closing.

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