Master Gardener Orientation Event Scheduled

The Montgomery County Cooperative Extension will host an information meeting Monday evening for anyone interested in volunteering for the Master Gardener Program. Horticulture Agent Danelle Cutting says the program offers additional educational opportunities for gardeners of all skill levels.

“This is a great program that helps teach novice to advanced gardeners quality, research based information on everything concerning gardening,”  said Cutting. “It is also a volunteer association that helps the community.”

The Cooperative Extension office hosts the 13-week training, with one class each week, covering botany, ornamentals, tree fruits and wildlife issues.

Cutting continued, “The Master Gardener interns take the course, attend field trips, and once they have completed the course, they begin their community assignments, which can include developing community gardens, demonstration gardens, help host propagation classes, and help improve their community.”

The information session for the next Master Gardener class is Mon., Feb. 4, at 6:00 p.m. at the Cooperative Extension office in Troy. More information and advance registration is available by phone at 910-576-6011.

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