Mount Gilead Commissioners to Meet

Mount Gilead Town Commissioners will have their regular monthly meeting tomorrow night. It will be the second full meeting for Mayor Patty Almond since she took office in December. Last month’s commissioners meeting was tinged with frustration and misunderstanding, and, on several occasions, Almond used the meeting as an opportunity to ask questions and make remarks that appeared to be critical of the work of town administration.

In our coverage of the January meeting, we reported that, “(a)s the audience dispersed, some commented to WMTG that the meeting seemed unusually tense and, at times, hostile. One observer asked why some of the issues raised by the mayor during the meeting could not have been worked out in advance conversation with staff and other commissions, while another seemed pleased that the conversation was taking place in front of the town residents.”

Next Monday, February 18, Mount Gilead’s elected officials and staff will meet in an effort to clarify their respective authority and duties. The meeting will be led by Rob Shepherd of the North Carolina League of Municipalities, who said the meeting will include, but not be limited to, the legal authority of the mayor, commissioners, town manager, clerk and the attorney. The meeting is open to the public, and WMTG plans to air a delayed broadcast.

Also, heading into tomorrow night’s commissioners meeting, WMTG is planning to rebroadcast the entire meeting Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. For about the past year, our coverage of commissioners meetings has be a recap of pertinent information presented in what we believe to be a neutral manner, but, from time to time, we have received criticism for what we choose to include and omit. Through a full rebroadcast, we eliminate the possibility for unintentional bias, and each listener can draw his or her own conclusions.

As always, comments and suggestions about our coverage are welcome.

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