School Officials Deal with Aftermath of Arrests

Officials with Montgomery County Schools are dealing with the aftermath of a string of arrests late this week.

On the west side of the county, two coaches have been charged with felony indecent liberties with a student. According to information from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, 26-year-old Zachary Carr was arrested Thursday after the West Montgomery High School student and her mother admitted the relationship. A school system spokesperson said Carr “most recently served as junior varsity football coach and head wrestling coach (at West High) before resigning on January 1” of this year. A release from the Sheriff’s office said the relationship involved sexual activity on and off campus through the course of the 2012 football season.

Yesterday, deputies arrested 23-year-old James Knight, a volunteer wrestling coach and substitute bus driver at West Middle School, on charges involving the same student. Knight had worked with Montgomery County Schools since October 31, 2012, and the schools office said “(h)e is no longer volunteering or working in any capacity with the..system as of (yesterday).”

In a statement released to media yesterday, Schools Superintendent Dr. Dale Ellis said the victim’s mother was an employee in the system and has been terminated.

The school system is already conducting a series of Ethics Trainings for staff at each school, and Superintendent Ellis has also implemented a new set of administrative guidelines involving coaches from school staff or the community. The rules require that all coaches have the personal approval of the Superintendent or the Assistant Superintendent for Operations. Among other things, the requirements also say that if a coach is of the opposite sex of team members, an assistant of the same sex must be present for games and practices, or the activity should be cancelled. The Superintendent said the rules also apply to all school clubs and other extra-curricular activities in which the student participants are exclusively either male or female. The full statement can be seen from a link on our Facebook page, found from a link on our home page at

On the east side of the county, a School Resource Officer yesterday arrested an East Montgomery High School student following what the officer said was a “hand-to-hand” transaction involving marijuana. 17-year-old Ike Johnson-Moore was charged with two felonies involving the sale and delivery of marijuana, and deputies were seeking juvenile justice petitions for two other students. WMTG has received no comment from the school system regarding the incident.

We will continue to follow these stories.

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