Solar Farm Announced for Montgomery County

A North Carolina company has announced plans to build one solar energy farm in Montgomery County this year, and may build another in the near future. Media reports say that O2 Energies of Cornelius will construct a solar facility near U.S. Highway 220 in Biscoe.

The project timetable calls for no more than about nine months of construction work, starting in April or May and ending late this year. O2 Energies president Joel Olsen was quoted as saying the solar farm will create at least 50 jobs, mostly in construction.

The company is investing $15 million in the Biscoe project, which is expected to produce 6.3 megawatts of electricity. By comparison, Progress Energy’s Tillery Hydroelectric Plant near Mount Gilead can produce 84 megawatts, and the Harris Nuclear Plant near Raleigh has a rated top output of 900 megawatts. By some estimates, the 6.3 megawatts produced by the O2 Energies solar farm could provide enough power for about 4,500 homes.

The company’s second project is still in the planning phase. No announcement has been made regarding its proposed location, but it is expected to increase O2’s total investment in Montgomery County to more than $50 million.

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