Accused Coach Had Previous Record

Following the recent arrests of two Montgomery County Schools coaches on felony charges involving sexual contact with a student, it now appears that one of those coaches was arrested on other charges involving a student in Randolph County in 2010.

23-year-old James Edward Knight was most recently a volunteer wrestling coach and substitute bus driver at West Middle School, but his relationship with Montgomery County Schools ended February 15 when he was arrested on a felony charge of indecent liberties with a student.

According to a weekend report on WFMY News 2, Knight was charged with a misdemeanor sex offense with a student in Randolph County. The report says that charged was dropped, but Knight admitted the offense as part of a deferred prosecution agreement with the Randolph County District Attorney. Knight, who was 20 years old at the time, was said to have been dating the student, who was 17.

In the current case, Knight was arrested following the investigation of West Montgomery High School assistant coach Zachary Carr, who was also arrested on a felony charge of indecent liberties with the same student.

A statement that Montgomery County Schools made available only to WFMY said that James Edward Knight was originally denied the opportunity to serve as a wrestling coach, but, when he applied again a year later, local school administrators discussed the situation with Randolph County Schools and decided to give Knight an opportunity to serve in a limited capacity.

WMTG has been in touch with Montgomery County Schools spokesperson Lindsay Whitley, and we expect a more complete statement to be released soon. We will continue to follow the story.

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