Severe Weather Awareness Week

It’s Severe Weather Awareness Week in North Carolina. The National Weather Service promotes the annual event, designed to raise awareness and offer suggestions on being prepared in the event of severe weather conditions.

The theme of this year’s Severe Weather Awareness Week is “Be a Force of Nature”, and the weather service has identified three main areas of focus.

First, is “Know Your Risk”. The service says it is important to know the types of hazardous weather that can affect the home and workplace and how that weather could impact family members and co-workers.

Second, is “Pledge and Take Action”, which encourages the preparation of an emergency kit and a communications plan that allows family members to keep in touch and to stay updated on changing weather information.

The third area of focus is “Be An Example”, which invites people to share with friends and family the stories of their own action toward weather preparedness. The hope is that the example will encourage more people to take note about weather dangers and to become better prepared to deal with those dangers when they come.

Severe Weather Awareness Week continues through Saturday, and more information can be found from a link on our Facebook page at, also linked from our home page at

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