Goodman Introduces Voter Bill

State Representative Ken Goodman has introduced a bill aimed at ensuring that legal registered voters are not turned away from polls because the lack identification.

Goodman said in a press release that the new “Voter Protection and Integrity Act” would guarantee “that no registered voter is denied the right to vote at an approved polling site; and (would) prevent the unauthorized use of a registered voter’s voting privilege through the fraudulent misuse of a registered voter’s identity.”

Rep. Goodman says the bill is an alternative to what he called the “extreme Voter ID bills” of the recent past. Under the bill’s provisions, voters who do not have a state-issued photo ID, would be photographed by elections officials at the polling place, and the voter would sign an affidavit attesting to their identity.

Goodman hopes the regulation would put an end to provisional ballots and voter fraud. He says that more than 600,000 of the state’s eligible voters currently do not have a photo ID.

Ken Goodman represents the state’s 66th House District, including part of Montgomery County. There is no word yet on how or when the new bill will be deliberated by the State House.

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