Grant-Funded Home Repair Projects Sought in Mount Gilead

In early October, we reported that the Town of Mount Gilead is among several cities and towns to be awarded Community Development Block Grant funding. Town Manager Katrina Tatum said Mount Gilead received a $500,000 catalyst grant to fund a number of projects in the community, including the renovation of the Highland Community Gym.

But there is also money to fund substantial renovations to the homes of senior citizens, and town administration is actively seeking project proposals from local residents for work to be done on individual homes.

Tatum said, “The Town of Mount Gilead has received Community Development Block Grant funding which will enable the town to rehabilitate three very low and low income owner-occupied housing units and provide emergency housing repairs for eight very low and low income owner-occupied housing units.”

To be considered for the project, the work proposed should be sufficient to bring the home to current state housing codes.

Tatum said this portion of the grant has two main goals: “To alleviate housing conditions that pose an imminent threat to the life, health and safety of very low and low income homeowners, especially homeowners with specials needs; and to provide accessibility modifications and other repairs necessary to prevent displacement of low and very low income homeowners with special needs, such as frail, elderly individuals and persons with disabilities.”

Project recommendations should be made as soon as possible at Mount Gilead Town Hall, and more information is available at 910-439-5111. The town has 38 months to carry out the work.

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