“Breaking Chains” Community Fun Day Planned in Mount Gilead

A community “fun day” is being planned for Sat., Apr. 13, in Mount Gilead. Town Manager Katrina Tatum says the event is the collaborative effort of people representing several local organizations.

130401_breaking_chains_logotypeTatum said, “A group of citizens have gotten together… Shawn Dykes, the Town of Mount Gilead, Johnny Almond, Johnny Greene and a couple of others have gotten together and decided we needed to do something to bring this town together. We knew it had to be something big, so we’ve decided to have our first annual “Breaking Chains Fun Day” on Sat., Apr. 13.”

The event will be divided into two parts, with daytime activities from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the walking track on W. Allenton St.

Katrina Tatum (Town of Mount Gilead photo)

Katrina Tatum (Town of Mount Gilead photo)

“We’re going to have a day full of fun,” said Tatum. “The festivities for the day will include the ‘Healthy Kids on Wheels’ event, blow up bouncers, obstacle courses for the children and free food and drinks for all. The daytime entertainment will be made up of youth programs from several churches, and other organizations that you’re familiar with in our area.”

Part two of the event is a gospel music festival, starting at 6:30 that evening in the Leah Levin Auditorium.

The Town Manager said, “It will feature well-known artists such as Shawn Dykes and the Spirit of Praise, Anthony Douglas Zeal, Next Level Ministries and Morning Glory Dance Team.”

The Breaking Chains Fun Day is a free community event. Organizational donations of food and drink are welcome, and volunteers are invited to help.

“We will be asking for volunteers for this event,” continued Tatum, “so if you want to volunteer, please come to town hall and volunteer. We want that day to be a fun and happy event for the entire family.”

More information about the fun day is available at Mount Gilead Town Hall or by calling 910-439-5111.

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