Municipal Candidate Filing Begins, Hearne Surprises in Candor

Candidates have begun filing for this fall’s municipal elections in Montgomery County. Statewide, the filing window opened at 12:00 noon today and runs through 12:00 noon on Fri., July 19.

130705_Vote_ButtonLocally, filing takes place at the Board of Elections office at the courthouse in Troy, where sources tell us a number of candidates have already filed. Among them:

From Troy..

  • Mayor Roy Maness has filed for reelection.
  • Commissioners Bruce Hamilton and James Hurley have filed for reelection.
  • Commissioner Angela Elkins has announced her intention to file for reelection, but is at work and has not yet filed.

From Candor..

  • Commissioner Phillip Hearne has filed for the office of Mayor; Hearne’s term as Commissioner is expiring, and current Mayor Richard Britt had indicated earlier that he is undecided about running for reelection.
  • Commissioner Layton Booker has filed for reelection
  • Terms are also expiring for Commissioners Tim Privett (who has said he is leaning toward running) and Tim Smith (who has said he will run for reelection).

There are no candidates yet from the following:

From Mount Gilead.. Where Mayor Patty Almond is expected to file for reelection, and no others have confirmed intentions to challenge her; Terms are expiring for Commissioners Tim McAuley (who is said to be undecided about running) and Branson Webb (who has said he intends to stand for reelection).

From Biscoe.. Where Mayor Mike Criscoe is not seeking reelection; Terms are expiring for Commissioners Jimmy Blake, Jimmy Cagle & Gene Anderson; Blake has said he intends to run for Mayor; Cagle & Anderson have announced their intentions to run for reelection.

From Star.. Where Mayor Susan Eggleston is not running for reelection, and no candidate for Mayor has come forward; Terms are expiring for Commissioners Alice Clemens, Jennifer Fountain & Richard Hinson; Hinson is not running again; Clemens & Fountain have said they will run for reelection.

WMTG will continue to provide updated information as it becomes available, today and through the remainder of the two-week filing period. Breaking information will be on the air first (88.1 FM in Mount Gilead, online at and with the TuneIn mobile app), then posted to the website as soon as possible thereafter.

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