Almond, Poplin file to run for Mayor of Mount Gilead

Mount Gilead now has two candidates for mayor this fall. Mayor Patty Almond filed for reelection Wednesday, and former mayor Earl Poplin filed late Thursday morning to run again for the office.

130705_Vote_ButtonLast November, Almond defeated former Town Commissioner Benjamin Blake in a special election that ended about a year of controversy over allegations of irregularities at the polls in November 2011. Almond claimed some citizens were denied the right the vote by election officials.

Poplin served as the town’s mayor for nine years prior, including four two-year terms and an additional year while the disputed election was settled. He retired from the office when Almond was sworn in last December, and now he will face her on the ballot this fall to reclaim the office.

Terms are also expiring for Town Commissioners Tim McAuley and Branson Webb. Webb has filed for reelection, but Tim McAuley remains undecided. Chip Carter and James Shuman have also filed to run for the Mount Gilead Town Board.

The filing period for this fall’s municipal elections ends tomorrow at 12:00 noon, and some offices in the county still have no candidates.

In Star, no one has stepped forward to run for mayor, and current Mayor Susan Eggleston has said she is not running again. There are also no candidates yet for the Star Town Commission.

If no one files for those offices by tomorrow at noon, the deadline will be extended by one week. If no one files during that time, the offices will be decided by write-in vote this fall.

The municipal elections will be held Tue., Nov. 5.

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One Response to Almond, Poplin file to run for Mayor of Mount Gilead

  1. I hope that this mayoral election is a clean, fair one. NO more foolishness–Mt. Gilead deserves better.

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