Community bus stops to be used in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Board of Education met last night. It was the board’s regular monthly meeting, and members heard an update on the progress of a plan to implement community bus stops, combining some of the individual stops along bus routes through the county.

130806_School_Bus_Blue_Bird_CROPSchools Maintenance Director Bill Mingin told school board members that the plan will likely save the county more than $25,000 a year in reduced fuel costs and wages. The new plan will reduce the fleet by one bus, but no job is being lost due to the retirement of one driver.

Addressing safety concerns, Mingin and Transportation Director Russ Brown told board members that stops will be monitored closely to ensure a smooth transition and that in no case would a student have to walk more than 3/10 of a mile to reach a stop.

Letters will be sent to parents and families to inform them of the new plan, which takes place with the start of the new school year, three weeks from yesterday.

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One Response to Community bus stops to be used in Montgomery County

  1. jackie cozart says:

    I think thats so doing to much because i have a four year old riding the bus this year and he not walking anywhere so why yall dont think on the little kids point of view

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