Community bus stop information being distributed

With the start of school in Montgomery County just over a week away, administrators are communicating with parents and school staff regarding the shift to community bus stops.

130806_School_Bus_Blue_Bird_CROPSchools superintendent Dr. Dale Ellis told WMTG yesterday that information about individual stops is being relayed to principals so they can communicate directly with families affected by the change.

Montgomery County Schools transportation director Russ Brown said that 71% of last year’s bus stops were door-to-door, but the new plan has reduced that to 41% through the implementation of community and corner stops. Brown said that about 2,800 county students ride buses, and a little more than 900 of them will be affected by this change.

Schools transportation department figures show that the new plan has eliminated 250 bus stops per day, which, according to Brown, is expected to result in savings in payroll and fuel expense, shorter travel time for students and overall safer bus stops.

Plans were developed so that no child will have to walk more than 2/10 of a mile to reach a stop.

Due to the retirement of one school bus driver, no one is losing a job as a result of the change, though one position was eliminated.

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