Candidate drops out of race for Mount Gilead Commissioner

There is one less candidate in the running for Mount Gilead Town Commissioner this fall. Chip Carter has decided to drop out of the race, citing two reasons.

130705_Vote_ButtonFirst, Carter says he will retire from a 41-year business career on Dec. 31 and has agreed to continue as a risk management consultant with a few clients. In a statement released late Aug. 16, Carter also said he believes he “need(s) a little more time to fully grasp the ‘total picture’” of local government and its processes.

Chip Carter was a resident of Mount Gilead during his college years, but has been away for many years, having returned with his wife, Susan, about 11 months ago.

Carter expressed appreciation for the encouragement he received in his bid for office, and he called on his supporters to “work together for our town and all of its residents.”

With Carter out of the running, three candidates remain on the ballot for two available seats. Incumbents Tim McAuley and Branson Webb are seeking reelection, and James Shuman is also a candidate for Mount Gilead Town Commissioner.

Election Day is Tue., Nov. 5.

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