Mount Gilead Concerned Citizens, WMTG to host “meet the candidates” event

Local residents are looking forward to hearing from Mount Gilead’s municipal candidates in a special event later this week.

130705_Vote_ButtonA “meet the candidates” program is planned for Thu., Oct. 17, and each of the town’s registered candidates has been invited to speak for up to five minutes on topics of his or her choosing.

Unlike in a traditional forum or debate, questions will not be taken from the audience, nor will a moderator engage the candidate on any subjects. Instead, the candidates will have the opportunity to talk about the issues they believe are important, and the other candidates will wait outside the room until time to make their own remarks.

The program is sponsored primarily by the Mount Gilead Concerned Citizens, with assistance from Community Radio WMTG. The remarks of those candidates who choose to participate will be recorded and rebroadcast this weekend on WMTG, and they will be made available on the station website through election day, Nov. 5.

The “meet the candidates” event is Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at Leah Levin Auditorium, S. School St., Mount Gilead, and the public is welcome.

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