Voting irregularities alleged ahead of municipal elections

Tomorrow (Nov. 5) is election day in North Carolina, with mayors and some town commissioners to be elected in all five towns in Montgomery County.

130705_Vote_ButtonIn Mount Gilead, allegations of early voting irregularities are being rumored, and unsubstantiated claims range from the stealing and illegal removal of campaign signs to outright vote-buying.

It was not immediately clear if formal complaints have been filed, but North Carolina state law [General Statute 163-275.2] defines as a Class I felony any act of giving or receiving anything of value in return for a vote. With regard to signs, state law also says permission must be obtained from a property owner before a sign is placed in front of a residence, business, or religious institution.

Polling places will open tomorrow at 6:30 a.m., and WMTG will have complete local election results starting when polls close tomorrow night at 7:30. Questions about voting in Montgomery County should be directed to the Board of Elections office at the courthouse in Troy, or by phone at 572-2024.

For reference, a full list of candidates running in all five towns can be found by clicking here.

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One Response to Voting irregularities alleged ahead of municipal elections

  1. Seriously? Not again. Last year’s election was embarrassing enough. If you are proud of your platform and the campaign you are running, there is no need for shenanigans.

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