Board of Elections to rehear Mount Gilead vote protests Nov. 27

The Montgomery County Board of Elections will meet Nov. 27 to consider again three vote protests filed in the Mount Gilead municipal election of Nov. 5.

At issue are the votes of three members of the Montgomery family, who live off Emmaline St. near the Mount Gilead town limit. In a document filed with the board of elections, citizen Marsha Russell contends the Montgomerys’ home is actually outside the town limit and their votes should not be counted.

Maps obtained from county tax office appear to support the claim, but, at a Nov. 12 hearing, the board of elections voted unanimously to include the three votes in the totals.

After the hearing, Russell and staff from the Town of Mount Gilead lodged a complaint with the elections office, saying they had not been able to speak to the issue because they were not properly notified of the hearing.

In response, the board of elections announced it would hear the matter again. The proceeding is set for Wed., Nov. 27, at 10 a.m. in Courtroom B of the Montgomery County Courthouse.

Because of the margins of victory in the municipal elections, the votes in question cannot affect the outcome, but the issue at hand could help settle uncertainty about voter eligibility – a problem that has plagued the town’s municipal elections in recent years.

WMTG will be on hand at the hearing and will report when there are developments.

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