Prescribed burns to be conducted in Uwharrie Forest

TROY, N.C. – The U.S. Forest Service plans to conduct prescribed burns in the Uwharrie National Forest starting now and continuing through late spring 2014.

The Uwharrie National Forest Ranger Station on N.C. Hwy. 24/27, east of Troy. (USDA/USFS photo)

The Uwharrie National Forest Ranger Station on N.C. Hwy. 24/27, east of Troy. (USDA/USFS photo)

The prescribed burns will help remove hazardous fuels, improve wildlife habitat, restore important fire-dependent species, and promote forest and ecosystem health. Prescribed burns can help prevent larger, high-severity wildfires, which could threaten private homes and property.

The burns involve more than 6,700 acres of woodlands at 13 separate locations, as follows:

  • Catttail Branch, 367 ac., Highway 109 just north of Troy
  • Yates Place, 506 ac., Yates Place Campground
  • Bridgers Creek, 147 ac., Capelsie Road – Capelsie community
  • Tower Road East, 661 ac., Tower Road
  • Flora McDonald, 394 ac., Lovin Hill Road
  • Glenn Road, 241 ac., Page Street/Glenn Road in Troy
  • Narrows Dam, 946 ac., Badin area adjacent to Narrows Dam
  • Pleasant Grove, 700 ac., State road 1005 -Pleasant Grove community
  • Robedo West, 481 ac., Highway 24-27 just west of Troy (Robedo community)
  • Russell Mine, 169 ac., Russell Mine community
  • Stinger, 516 ac., McCallum Road/Lewis Millpond area
  • Tom Marx, 943 ac., Badin area along FSR 576 and 544
  • West High School, 369 ac., Highway 109 – just north of West Montgomery High School
  • Allen Taylor, 280 ac., Halliburton Road

The agency will conduct the burns when weather conditions meet desired objectives, provide adequate control of the burn and minimize smoke impacts.

The safety of firefighters and the public is the number one priority. The public is asked to heed signs posted at trailheads and roads and to stay away from burn areas and closed roads and trails.

All prescribed burns are completed by trained personnel in accordance with an approved, detailed plan, which includes desired weather conditions. Prescribed burns are conducted under tight parameters, and modeling is often conducted to reduce the effects of smoke. Contingency measures are also included in every plan.

The Forest Service may issue a news alert on the day of an individual burn. For additional information about the project, contact Fire Management Officer Kelly Cagle, at the Uwharrie National Forest Ranger Station, at 910-576-6391.

For more information on prescribed fire, visit the U.S. Forest Service website, Information about the Uwharrie National Forest and the other national forests in North Carolina is available at

–from the U.S. Forest Service

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