Settlement reached in death of Stanly County man

A settlement has been reached between Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and the family of a Stanly County man shot and killed by police officers more than seven years ago.

140113_Charlotte-Mecklenburg_Police_Department_patchForty-one-year-old Anthony Wayne Furr was performing late-night equipment maintenance on equipment at a cell phone tower installation on Albemarle Rd. on July 20, 2006, when three Charlotte Police officers responded to a report of suspicious activity at the site.

The officers said Furr pulled a handgun and did not obey their commands to surrender the weapon. Officers fired, killing Furr with two shots to the chest.

Now, the Charlotte Observer reports that Charlotte City Council on Jan. 6 approved a $700,000 settlement with Furr’s family.

Police said they thought Furr was someone who may have broken into the facility. There had been a number of reported copper thefts at similar sites around the time of the incident.

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