High speed chase ends in crash south of Mount Gilead

A high-speed chase last night ended with the apprehension of a suspect south of Mount Gilead.

140114_Police_Lights_AbstractSources tell WMTG that the chase began in Stanly County, where law enforcement officers were attempting to stop a vehicle driven by the suspect. The car was said to have traveled east on Hwy. 73 out of Stanly County, continuing to Mount Gilead and turning south on Hwy. 109. One eyewitness estimated speeds to have reached 100 miles per hour during the pursuit.

According to reports, the suspect crashed on Hwy. 109 in the Pinoka community, about two-and-a-half miles south of Mount Gilead, then fled on foot before being caught by officers.

There was no immediate word on the suspect’s identity or the nature of the crime for which he was being sought.

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One Response to High speed chase ends in crash south of Mount Gilead

  1. Cheryl Hall says:

    Johnny, thought you might be interested in knowing that this accident wiped out at least half of the chain link fence around the garbage dump! It looks as if the driver lost control in the slight curve in front of our house and probably skidded into the fence broad-sided. Amazing that he wasn’t seriously injured.

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