Montgomery water quality report released

Montgomery County government has released its Annual Drinking Water Quality report. This edition covers the 2013 calendar year, and county public utilities director Chris Hildreth says the report “is a snapshot of last year’s water quality.”

Greg Riegler Photography,, CC BY 2.0

Greg Riegler Photography,, CC BY 2.0

In issuing a press release Jun. 5, Hildreth said the county is not required to submit the report to the media, but said, “Montgomery County is committed to providing our customers a safe, dependable supply of drinking water and wants them to be informed about their water utility.”

The report details contaminant levels measured within the county water system during the year.

It also contains information on violations received during the year, including elevated levels of trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids that were detected last summer. Those contaminants are identified as by-products of drinking water chlorination and disinfection. The county said water lines were flushed and resampled to address the issue.

All of the county system’s water comes from Lake Tillery, which is said have a “moderate” susceptibility to potential contaminant sources.

Read the full report on the web:

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