Animal shelter full, spay and neuter van to run next week

Montgomery County Animal Control is urging local residents to consider pet adoption and rescue. They say the county’s animal shelter is full, and there are many adoptable animals available now.

(photo courtesy, public domain)

(photo courtesy, public domain)

The shelter is staffed by Animal Control Officers who also do field work, which means appointments are necessary to see animals. For those interested, the Montgomery County Animal Shelter can be reached at 910-572-3067. When calls are answered by voice mail, staff ask that callers slowly and clearly leave a name and number so they may return the call.

Also concerned for the welfare of local animals, the Montgomery County Spay and Neuter van will take pets for procedures next week. Organizer Teresa Dickerson Bruton says the van is operated by “volunteers trying to put a dent in the homeless pet population” in the area.

The spay and neuter van collects animals from owners at a specific location, then carries them to a clinic in Vass for the procedure and returns them to the owner later that day.

The trip on Tue., Jun. 24, will start and end in Candor. More information is available at 910-974-7051.

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