Spay and neuter services continue, clinic reaches milestone

(photo courtesy, public domain)

(photo courtesy, public domain)

Organizers with the Montgomery County Spay and Neuter Van made what they call ‘another successful run’ this week.

The volunteers carry pet dogs and cats to a clinic in Vass for comparatively low-cost procedures, and they say the clinic itself reached a milestone Tuesday, having performed spay and neuter services on 40,000 animals in the past five years.

An unidentified spokesperson with the non-profit in Montgomery County said, “We are very fortunate to have (the clinic’s) service available in our area.”

Information on the spay and neuter van is available at 910-974-7051.


Meanwhile, the Montgomery County Animal Shelter continues to operate at capacity. Animal Control officers say there are many unwanted and unclaimed dogs and cats available for rescue and adoption, and they encourage those seeking a new pet to consider the shelter.

Because Animal Control officers do much of their work out in the county, they suggest that anyone interested in seeing animals make an appointment by calling 910-572-3067.

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