Montgomery business owner seeks support for stoplights on Troy bypass

A Montgomery County business owner is spearheading an effort to add two stoplights to the new Troy bypass.

140930_Left_TurnCurtis Greenwell is urging area residents to contact County Commissioners to drum up support for a proposed alteration that would put stoplights where the new road will intersect Pekin Road south of Troy and Page Street on the eastern edge of town.

Greenwell says one Montgomery County Commissioner supports his idea of adding the lights, which are being suggested as a way to help facilitate easier access to downtown businesses. He said two other commissioners are against the idea, but are willing to “take a second look.” Greenwell says the support of the commissioners is a critical point in having the N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) look at any changes to the planned highway.

According to Greenwell, other benefits offered by the plan include an alternate turn for log trucks traveling to the north end of Troy and a straight path for through traffic on Pekin Road.

The current design for the “super street” calls for right turns only, meaning travelers on Pekin Road would need to complete two right turns and a u-turn to cross the new highway.

Curtis Greenwell says he has talked with N.C. State Senator Stan Bingham, who has reportedly arranged a public meeting with state transportation officials this week. Information circulated by Greenwell says the meeting will be at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Montgomery County Courthouse.

The meeting does not appear on the NCDOT’s published web list of public meetings, and WMTG is working to obtain confirmation on the time and place.

While there is some support for adding the two stoplights, one lawmaker is questioning the negative impact they could have.

N.C. State Representative Justin Burr told WMTG this morning, “I support the town’s efforts to add additional signage to the bypass and/or any easy access to turn onto what will become Business 24/27, but I have real concerns with clogging up the new bypass with stop lights.”

Burr said he has been asked to be at Thursday’s meeting, but he thinks “our efforts should be spent advocating for the other sections of (Hwy.) 24/27 to be four-laned,” helping “create a viable corridor” for the recruitment of new business and industry between Charlotte and Fayetteville.

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