Security heightened after Albemarle school shooting

Stanly County school administrators say an increased security presence has been established following a shooting yesterday at Albemarle High School.

141001_Stanly_County_Schools17-year-old Bernard Miller was shot twice around 7:40 yesterday morning outside the school, and Albemarle Police arrested Jaylen Russell.

WBTV reported that Russell is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and the Montgomery Herald said Russell is the former West Montgomery High School student athlete “involved in a stabbing at West Montgomery High School field house last year following an altercation with another football player.”

Last October, Montgomery County school officials told WMTG that a junior varsity player had stabbed a varsity player with a pair of scissors following an argument that started in the lunchroom earlier in the day.

The school system did not identify the player last year, and a statement released yesterday by Superintendent Dale Ellis did not directly link the two situations. Ellis cited federal privacy laws governing the release of student information, but he did confirm that one of the young men in the Albemarle incident “was a student at Montgomery Learning Academy and is no longer a student at Montgomery County Schools.”

At last check, Bernard Miller was in stable condition and had been transported to a Charlotte hospital for treatment of injuries to his lower body. There were reports of an argument between the two students, but no indication as to the subject or how long the young men had been arguing.

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