The Troy Bypass: A conversation with NCDOT engineer Rob Stone

Editor’s note: It was our intent to talk with representatives for both NCDOT and the Town of Troy for this story. Since the Town of Troy has retained legal counsel and plans to seek an injunction to delay the bypass project, we were referred to attorney Bob Hornik of the Brough Law Firm. At the time of this writing, an email of introduction sent by Troy Town Manager Greg Zephir and our own messages have gone unanswered.

141001_caution_u_turnTROY – The Town of Troy is expected to seek relief in District Court to temporarily halt the Hwy. 24/27 bypass project. The town is taking issue with the so-called “superstreet” plan, which is designed to minimize the number of traditional intersections and keep through traffic moving at higher speeds. NCDOT engineer Rob Stone, who is overseeing the project, told WMTG the superstreet bypass is intended to keep the through traffic out of the middle of town.

“A big benefit the bypass will do is take the vehicles that do not want to be in Troy … and put them on the bypass,” said Stone. “It should really help the residents and business owners in the sense that the people who really want to go there (will be) safer because of the lesser amount of traffic.”

The town contends that the lack of stoplights and straight crossroads will hurt local businesses, but NCDOT says the combination of u-turns and right turns is a safer design.

Hear the full 15-minute conversation with Rob Stone in the online player below.

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