Town of Troy files against NCDOT

The Town of Troy has filed a Verified Complaint and Motion in Montgomery County Superior Court, seeking to stop the North Carolina Department of Transportation from proceeding with the N.C. Hwy. 24/27 bypass until design details have been resolved.

141117_StoplightAttorney Bob Hornik of the Brough Law Firm in Chapel Hill is representing the Town of Troy, and he told WMTG that the motion for a preliminary injunction against NCDOT is asking the court “to restrain the NCDOT from awarding the bid (contract) for the project until the issues about design details (primarily concerning the “superstreet” configuration) has[sic] been resolved.”

Hornik said the town is asking the court “…to declare that it was an abuse of NCDOT’s discretion to incorporate the ‘superstreet’ design in the Bypass,” saying, “…as designed, the Bypass will be injurious to existing businesses in Troy, and will present danger to the traveling public.”

There has been a good deal of discussion about the impact on local business, and state lawmakers arranged a forum in early October between NCDOT and interested citizens. Following that meeting, the Town of Troy adopted a resolution asking NCDOT to revise its design to include more traditional intersections and stoplights on the new highway.

In an Oct. 30 letter of response, NCDOT stood by its original plan, and DOT division engineer Rob Stone told WMTG in November that the superstreet design will allow traffic to move faster and more safely along the new roadway.

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