Montgomery Commissioners thank Sheriff Owens

Montgomery County Commissioners have expressed appreciation to outgoing Sheriff Dempsey Owens.

130524_Montgomery_County_NC_SealThe commissioners took several minutes at their Nov. 18 meeting to offer their remarks to Owens. Commissioner Jim Matheny said he was grateful for the sheriff’s service, even though desired funding wasn’t always available.

“There have been real struggles,” said Matheny. “You know, a lot of things could be solved with money, and we all recognized (the county) didn’t have a bottomless purse.”

Matheny continued, “You effectively used what we could provide and have updated equipment and — most importantly — have kept our county safe, and that’s what we appreciate the most.”

For his part, Owens said he was grateful for the opportunity to serve the county as sheriff, and he offered special appreciation to the office of County Manager Matthew Woodard.

Owens lost his reelection bid to Chris Watkins, who will assume the responsibilities of Sheriff at a public ceremony Dec. 1 in Troy.

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