Montgomery commissioners consider revised position on bypass

Montgomery County Commissioners are considering a revised statement of position on the pending Troy bypass project.

At their meeting Dec. 16, the commissioners came under fire from the Troy Economic Development Committee for not being more specifically supportive of the town’s request for a change in the bypass design.

A draft of the new position statement came as the result of a meeting between an ad hoc committee comprised of two Montgomery County Commissioners, two Troy Town Commissioners, two members of the Troy economic development board, Troy Town Manager Greg Zephir and Montgomery County Manager Matthew Woodard. The statement is being circulated among county commissioners to see if support exists for its adoption.

The Town of Troy hired an attorney to take on the North Carolina Department of Transportation, seeking an injunction that would delay work on the bypass until further consideration could be given to the town’s request for more traditional intersections and stoplights along the highway.

State DOT engineers say the proposed “superstreet” design is safer and moves traffic more efficiently. Local leaders had countered that the lack of stoplights would hurt local business, but reports say legal arguments presented last week on behalf of the town also suggested that emergency vehicles might be slowed if they need to cross the highway where no traditional crossroads intersection exists.

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