Rep. Burr files bills to alter Stanly school board

Some Stanly County, residents are divided about the future of education in their communities.

141001_Stanly_County_SchoolsThe Stanly County Board of Education recently proposed the closing of some schools and the consolidation of some others. Part of the plan calls for the shutdown of Norwood Elementary School and turning South Stanly High School into a middle school.

The proposal has stirred some deep emotions, and many citizens have been speaking out about their opposition to the plan and their disapproval of the actions of school board members.

Yesterday (Feb. 24), North Carolina State Representative Justin Burr introduced legislation in Raleigh that would provide a method for Stanly County residents to recall individual members of the Board of Education. As submitted, the bill would allow a recall vote if 15% or more of the voters in the school district signed a petition asking for it.

Rep. Burr also introduced a second bill yesterday that would make Board of Education elections in Stanly County partisan, meaning candidates would run based on party affiliations beginning in December 2016.

Both bills will now go through the legislative process, meaning they could be amended and may or may not become law.

Justin Burr is a Republican in his fourth term in the state house. He represents Stanly County and most of Montgomery County, except the Mount Gilead, Cheeks Creek and Rocky Springs precincts.

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