Montgomery schools announce plans for make-up days

150304-Montgomery-County-Schools-logoMontgomery County Schools have announced plans to make up five days missed due to inclement weather. The schedule includes a Saturday session already held, adds a short day on Good Friday, and extends the school year by one day.

In making the announcement, administrators said, “This has been a difficult winter for us in Montgomery County and throughout most of the country.  First and foremost, we always want to put the safety of our students and staff at the forefront when making decisions about school cancellations or delays due to serious weather conditions.”

Here is the schedule of revisions with regard to each day missed:

Missed Day Make-up Date
Feb. 17 Sat., Feb. 28
Feb. 18 Fri., Mar. 13
Feb. 19 Fri., Apr. 3 (with 2-hour early dismissal)
Feb. 24 Mon., May 25
Feb. 26 Fri., Jun. 12 (with 2-hour early dismissal)

Administrators also made the following adjustments to the school calendar:

  • Mar. 12 will be the end of the 4th 6-week period, and there will be no early release.
  • Mar. 19 will be parent conference day with a two-hour early dismissal.
  • Jun. 11 has been changed to a full day for students.

Recognizing that the calendar adjustments may not be popular with some students and parents, a spokesperson for the school system said, “At times, we are forced to make decisions that might not seem favorable to everyone but we must look at all aspects as we make those decisions.”

Administrators noted that any additional local weather events that impact school operation will require more changes to the schedule. If necessary, Saturday school may be used to make-up days, within the same week of the day missed, if possible.

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