Police chief returns to work, restraining order issued

Mount Gilead Police Chief Ralph Vieux returned to work Apr. 15 under limited conditions. Local media reported the action by town commissioners, approved at their closed session Tue., Apr. 14.

130520_Mount_Gilead_Town_LogoTown Manager Katrina Tatum told the Montgomery Herald she was “asked to hold off on any action with the chief until (she) heard back from the board.”

The chief’s paid suspension came last week following what is reported to be a domestic situation involving the chief. In its Apr. 15 printed edition, the Montgomery Herald reported Vieux subsequently filed for an annulment of his 2014 marriage. Later in the day, the paper said on its website that the chief had been served with a restraining order.

It is unclear why the issuance of the restraining order followed the request for annulment.

The newspaper stated, “Anyone served with a restraining order is prohibited from being around guns,” but a check of state law shows an Official Use Exemption (G.S. 50B-3.1.(k)) allowing law enforcement officers to possess or use firearms as part of their work.

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