Panelists discuss local education at forum

Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Dale Ellis says the improvement of local education depends on active dialog about the areas that are lacking.


Dr. Dale Ellis, Nora Beasley Jones, Anthony Copeland and Barbara Wilson (l-r) participate in a local education forum May 16 in Mount Gilead. (Johnny Almond photo)

“From my standpoint, we’re always talking about continuous improvement,” said Ellis. “You can sit there and talk about what you do well all day long ’til the cows come home, but you’ve really got to focus on the things you need to improve on before you get any better.”

Issues including parent involvement, children’s mental health and racism were discussed when Dr. Ellis joined Mount Gilead Elementary PTO member Nora Beasley Jones, Montgomery County Commissioner Anthony Copeland and mental health professional Barbara Wilson for the forum, hosted by One Community Mount Gilead. The panel fielded a number of questions from the audience and moderator Earl Leake.

WMTG will rebroadcast the forum in its entirety Tue., May 19, at 8 p.m.

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