Water recall affects Morning Fresh, Niagara and other brands

UPDATE: Merchants Distributors Inc. verified June 23 that none of the Morning Fresh water in its supply chain was affected by this recall.

A nationwide recall of drinking water is affecting a brand carried locally.

150623-Niagara-Water-Production-CodeSome specific lots water produced by Niagara Bottling, LLC are suspected of being contaminated with E. coli bacteria and should not be used. The water is sold under the Niagara name and others, including the Morning Fresh brand, distributed by MDI of Hickory and carried by local retailer Food King.

A production code is stamped on each bottle, indicating the date and location of manufacture. Those bearing a code beginning with either “A” or “F” should be examined further. If the date, starting with the third character of the code, is in the range of the 10th through 18th of June of this year, the water should be boiled before use or discarded altogether.

Niagara Bottling can provide more information through its consumer service line at 1-877-487-7873.

Information provided by Niagara says the spring used for the water has tested positive for E. coli and is no longer being used.

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