Water advisory issued again in Lake Tillery area

UPDATE — From Montgomery County Public Utilities Director Chris Hildreth: Laboratory analysis of samples collected Apr. 21, 2016, throughout the affected areas have confirmed that the water is safe for human consumption and it is no longer advised to boil water. The future service interruption (affecting the same area) required to complete the utility work associated with the bridge project has been delayed and will NOT take place this coming Mon., Apr. 25. Customers will still receive advance notice of this future interruption and the BWA that it requires when more details have been confirmed.

UPDATE — From Montgomery County Public Utilities Director Chris Hildreth: System flushing to remove air and discoloration is taking longer than expected and is continuing today (Apr. 21).  Water quality samples will be collected later today for analysis.  Chlorine levels in the affected areas are good and no problems with analysis are expected.  We anticipate rescinding the BWA late tomorrow (Apr. 22).

At that time, we will be notifying customers that the planned interruption to allow the NCDOT contractor to make the tie-in of the relocated line is scheduled for Mon., Apr. 25, 2016.  At 8:00 a.m. crews will close valves and water service in the affected area will not be available until the tie-in is completed and valves are reopened to pressurize the system.  Service should be restored by 5:00 p.m. the same day.  Upon interruption, and until the system can be flushed and water quality samples analyzed, a Boil Water Advisory will be in effect.  Assuming no unexpected events, we anticipate rescinding the Apr. 25 BWA late Wed., Apr. 27, 2016.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue working closely with NCDOT staff and the contractor to minimize service impacts.

UPDATE — From Montgomery County Public Utilities Director Chris Hildreth: Crews completed repairs to the 12-inch water main on Lilly’s Bridge Rd. last night (Apr. 19) at approximately 11:30 p.m. and began pressurizing the system at that time. System flushing is continuing and it appears we will be able to collect water quality samples this afternoon (Apr. 20) and begin analysis as planned. Chlorine levels in the affected areas are good, so we don’t anticipate any problems with the analysis. If all goes well, we are still on schedule to rescind the BWA late tomorrow (Apr. 21, 2016).

Customers may continue to experience air and discoloration.  Flushing their systems should remedy these issues, but if problems persist, please call  Montgomery County Public Utilities at 910.572.1221, and a technician will be dispatched to flush our system in the problem area.

Late Tue., Apr. 19, crews working for a NCDOT contractor again hit and ruptured the 12-inch main water line on Lilly’s Bridge Rd. while excavating. Montgomery County utility crews began repairing the damage Tuesday evening.

Montgomery County Public Utilities Director Chris Hildreth said water system pressures along Lilly’s Bridge Rd. and River Rd. (just north of Fairway Shores to north of Carolina Forest) will fall below 20psi during the work. Due to the pressure drop and the potential for siphoning, Hildreth’s office issued another Boil Water ADVISORY (BWA) for the affected areas until water quality test can confirm the water is safe for human consumption. A map delineating the affected area can be seen from a link at http://www.montgomerycountync.com.

Montgomery County crews will be flushing the system once repairs are completed. Hildreth anticipated the work to continue well into the day Wed., Apr. 20. He said once most of the air and discolored water has been removed, technicians will collect and analyze multiple bacteriological  samples, which will take an additional 24 hours.

Hildreth hopes to be able to rescind the BWA late Thu., Apr. 21. [This post will be updated when the advisory is lifted.]

Hildreth reminded water customer that this same NCDOT bridge replacement project will require an additional service interruption and BWA in the near future. He said that interruption is a planned event required to complete the project. The utilities office plans to provide customers with advance notice of the planned outage.


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